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Contemporary observer, let me create

your future memories.

Let's draw with the light

From ordinary to extraordinary: photos that last a lifetime

I will give you a personalized and tailored experience. I will work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences, ensuring that the final product reflects your unique style and personality. This results in high-quality photographs that truly stand out. I am able to devote my full attention to capturing your special moments.

I'll take carefully frame each shot, focused on arrangement of shapes and the composition of elements, for evoke emotions and captivate senses. Whether the theme is travel, proposal, wedding, portrait, social media brand campaign or print advertisement, "high-quality photography" will be my aim.


I am Sofia-Beatrice, venetian architect and photographer, graduated at I.U.A.V., beauty researcher and human being lover.

Self-made, with artistic training backgrounding and modeling experience, I learned to stay on both camera sides.

Since ever, I am focused on shapes and image composition. Part of what I do, is combine geometry and color balance, moved by a deep desire of explore emotions and all nuance face expressions.

What I love more than sailboat and architecture photography, is discover from the first moment how to enhance my subject physiognomy.

Let me be your private photographer, I will help you pose in a natural and spontaneous way. 




Via Meucci, 23, 36057
Nogarazza - VICENZA

Largo Rotonda
Giuseppe Garibaldi,
Mestre - VE

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2th June 2024

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